Derecho 2020

Did anyone call Iowa Typhoon for August?

So we were hit by the derecho that pounded the Midwest on Monday.

We are safe, healthy, and most of all, working at full capacity again.

There was no warning. How would you even prepare for this? The power went out almost immediately. The winds were harsh, abusive, and scary. We watched the branches of the tree closest to our house twist and twirl around before they were ripped off the tree. We couldn’t see any of the neighbors’ houses. We probably should have sought shelter in the basement, but what can I say? I’m a Midwesterner and the tornado sirens were going off. I looked out windows, waiting for telltale signs for the tornado. (You’d think swirling tree branches would be it, but no. I was looking for a green sky.)

The steel framed gazebo was bolted into the concrete. It was ripped up and tossed into power lines.

Anyway, the storm waned enough to go outside. I see a couple people running down the street and noticed that trees are down blocking both ways. Everyone is coming out of their houses now to help clear the roads.

I saw plenty of pines like this in the neighborhood the next day

I ran down the street with a saw and no one called the cops on me. Who knew that was a life goal?

Awesome neighbors

I’m really proud of our street. We all banded together to move branches to the curb. We sawed through what we could and picked them up. We helped clear the neighbor’s pine tree that had been uprooted. Our street was clear within four hours. We were without power for ten hours and internet for four days. People are still without power.

How I charged my phone… and a sneak peek of Smoke & Magic book 2’s title!

Turns out the damage everywhere else was worse. Trees fell on cars, roofs were ripped off, just all kinds of property damage and down power lines. This storm wrecked corn silos. Iowa lost about a fourth of its corn.

I’m relieved that we were able to come out of this relatively without damage.

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