Animal Crossing New Horizons Part II

Since I last posted, the summer update came and went. I had so much fun. I built a diving platform with a surfboard stand. I bought all the hakamas and kimonos, stayed up late to catch bugs, and went to the summer festival. I also made new villager friends.

The fireworks were fun because you could create your own designs and have them turned into fireworks. Of course, I made one of Rammstein. It came out pretty good!

And I finally bred ALL the hybrid flowers and made my rainbow garden! It took a lot of time and patience. I had to restart a couple of them because I wasn’t convinced I’d started the base flowers from seed. I also had to sweet talk quite a few people to pop over onto my island and water for me. It took a LOT of watering cans and shovels.

I’m really loving the fall update. I’ve shaken a lot of trees for acorns and pinecones. The leaves changing colors is subtle. I only noticed it while I was checking my orchard for fossils. I can’t wait for the leaves to start falling and find out what new DIYs they have for us!

I might be a little excited for Halloween.

Speaking of… I can’t seem to find any of the mush DIYs. Someone sent me a few lamps, but I want to create a fairy garden.

Dream addresses are sort of new. At first, I thought you’d be able to catalogue a lot of things and then buy them later. I was wrong. You go into a dream empty-handed, and if the owner of that dream left things for you, you can pick them up, but as soon as you wake up, those items are gone. However, you CAN save custom designs: clothing, face paint, and designs they made themselves. Here’s my most updated dream address. Have fun following a trail of candy to the witch’s house, opening presents, or playing in a band! Or… you can run through my amazing rainbow garden. DA-6223-5004-8410.

Do you have a dream address that I can explore? Post it in the comments. I’d love to see your islands!

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