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Bad Luck Genie (Smoke & Magic #1)

What could possibly go wrong with magic powered by snark…

Finding out you’re not human when your sleazy fiancé tricks you into a djinni bottle—Check.
Accidentally linking yourself to a hot djinni who can’t stand the sight of you—Check.
Having your fugitive mom chaperone your first adventure with said hot djinni—Check.

Lucy Avalon can’t catch a break and neither can undercover Fae Bureau of Investigation agent Malware Tanaka. Caught in the throes of magical sarcasm, Lucy’s bad luck curse conjures an unbreakable bond, and they both want to be free of one another as fast as possible.

Their only hope is an ancient artifact that grants impossible wishes—and they aren’t the only ones after it. A dark djinni seeking unlimited power to rule over the magic realms has a head start and will do anything to keep it.

To save the Fae Courts, Lucy and Malware need to find the relic first. But even if they do, Lucy must make the hardest decision of her life: free the captivating djinni who might just like Lucy for Lucy, or break her bad luck curse once and for all.

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