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Death Rite Genie (Smoke & Magic #2)

No one wrecks Lucy Avalon’s pizza oven and gets away with it.

My house was ransacked, my pizza oven destroyed, and my entire family is missing. On top of that, someone stole the Blarney Stone, and the djinni FBI think it’s my mom. Sure, she’s stolen stuff in the past, and yes, that’s why she’s on their top ten most wanted list.

But she left that life behind. She promised.

Thank goodness my sexy bestie, agent Malware Tanaka, is helping me find her so I can prove she’s innocent. Well, he wants to arrest her. I need all the support I can get because proving Mom’s innocence just became a crusade against a dastardly fae’s catastrophic scheme to cover the world in fire and ash.

Suddenly, broken promises aren’t that important anymore.

Who knew becoming a human sacrifice could put things into such a clear perspective?

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