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The Genie Swap, by AE Mckenna.

The Genie Swap (Smoke & Magic #5)

I thought a shattered djinni bottle was the worst of our problems.

A fae has kidnapped Mal’s niece and demands an exchange equal to her life. No biggie, I’ve been there done that. Sort of. Except… I swapped my powers with Malware Tanaka.

Look, I was under stress! His bottle is broken, his niece lost to the wood, and his mother was watching. But what’s done is done, and now we’re sharing a bottle while we race around the world collecting artifacts to rescue Mal’s niece. I think my bottle likes him better.

I may be the Fae Bureau of Investigation’s newest agent, but with a precious human’s life on the line, I don’t know which side of the law I’ll fall on. If we can save her before she’s trapped in the Faelands forever, will it be worth the cost?

The Genie Swap is the fifth riveting installment in the irresistible Smoke & Magic series. If you like wonderous globe-trotting magical adventures steeped in South American folklore, this is the book for you.

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