Crazy October!

Hi, everybody!

October has been a little nuts for me. I released Borrowed Luck, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, the husbandface and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, new offices for us both, a snow squall, I ran a 5K, and I officially started drafting the sequel to Bad Luck Genie!

Geeze, looking back, I wonder how I found the time to do this. I’m getting worn out just by looking at everything I did.

Sadly, I couldn’t make it to my parents’ party. They live in a different state, and where I live, things aren’t safe enough to travel. But I did send them a giant family photo.

Normally, the husbandface and I go to a fancy-pants restaurant, pig out on apps, mains, and desserts, and waddle home. This time we treated ourselves to some steak, and I made a really delicious apple pie. This time, we ate in our backyard. It was still a lovely time.

Last week, the husbandface took a vacation to make us desks. He needed to move to an area that wasn’t a cat litter stop, and I needed a little more room. It worked out really well. Look at him!  Sadly, my new desk is no longer that neat. It only took 5 minutes to become a disaster haha!

For some Bad Luck Genie news, I would like to give out ARCs next week. Please let me know if you’d be interested in getting one by contacting me here: On my Facebook page, or even leaving a comment on this post.

I look forward in hearing from you, and I’m excited to give our ARCs!

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