Editorial Services by AE McKenna

All Genres Accepted.
I’m no stranger to fantasy and some of my favorite types are Paranormal, Romantasy, and Urban Fantasy ranging through all levels of spice. Never be afraid to ask if I’m willing to work on something.

Sample critiques & proofreading available for your first chapter or 3k words.

Note: None of these services are meant as a replacement for a developmental or line edit. I am not an editor.

Manuscript Critique
A constructive, thorough critique that respects your voice.
  • Reader reactions
  • Sentence tightening
  • Flow and pacing suggestions
  • Word choice suggestions
  • Emotion placement
  • Confusion and boredom flagged
  • Dialogue coaching
  • Repetition alerts
* Single spaced, 12 pt Calibri font MS Word .docx file.
Your last stop before your book birthday!
  • Reader reactions
  • Consistency checks
  • Word choice checks
  • Homonyms and homophones checks
  • Hidden character checks
  • Continuity checks (e.g. they were holding hands next to a fireplace before standing up to stride to said fireplace.)

“AE has been my go-to gal for manuscript critiques for years. Her feedback has been invaluable to my growth as an author, and as my proofreader she regularly catches things that multiple editors have missed.”

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Lori Drake

Urban Fantasy Author

“Over the past three years, AE McKenna has critiqued three of my novels. Her input on character and plot development, pacing, and emotion have been instrumental in my growth as a writer. She’s always thorough, honest, and polite in her feedback and respects my writer’s voice.”


KN Hyatt

Epic Fantasy Author