Lori Drake’s Grave Rites is Available!

The conclusion to the six books series is finally here! I’m so excited to share this news with you.

If this is a new series for you, let me tell you a little about it. First, it’s Urban Fantasy with ballroom dancing werewolves, and it takes—wait… Did I just say ballroom dancing werewolves? You bet your dancing shoes I did!

In Grave Rites, Joey and Chris have had to delay their wedding more times than she can count on one hand. And she has to yet again when the body of a close friend washes up on the Puget Sound, another witch friend goes missing, and there’s that pesky murder trial that could very well expose the werewolf community. However, something dark and twisted lingers beneath their feet…

I’ve read every book of this series and I definitely recommend it. The series is witty with lovable characters and devious villains. You can’t go wrong with it. Buy or borrow your copies today! https://books2read.com/GraveRites

I hope that if you enjoy this series, you’ll check out some of Lori Drake’s other novels. I enjoy her writing.

Have you found a new series or author you love?

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