Smoke & Magic

Bad Luck Genie (Smoke & Magic #1)

What could possibly go wrong with magic powered by snark…

Finding out you’re not human when your sleazy fiancé tricks you into a djinni bottle—Check.
Accidentally linking yourself to a hot djinni who can’t stand the sight of you—Check.
Having your fugitive mom chaperone your first adventure with said hot djinni—Check.

Lucy Avalon can’t catch a break and neither can undercover Fae Bureau of Investigation agent Malware Tanaka. Caught in the throes of magical sarcasm, Lucy’s bad luck curse conjures an unbreakable bond, and they both want to be free of one another as fast as possible.

Their only hope is an ancient artifact that grants impossible wishes—and they aren’t the only ones after it. A dark djinni seeking unlimited power to rule over the magic realms has a head start and will do anything to keep it.

To save the Fae Courts, Lucy and Malware need to find the relic first. But even if they do, Lucy must make the hardest decision of her life: free the captivating djinni who might just like Lucy for Lucy, or break her bad luck curse once and for all.

Death Rite Genie (Smoke & Magic #2)

No one wrecks Lucy Avalon’s pizza oven and gets away with it.

My house was ransacked, my pizza oven destroyed, and my entire family is missing. On top of that, someone stole the Blarney Stone, and the djinni FBI think it’s my mom. Sure, she’s stolen stuff in the past, and yes, that’s why she’s on their top ten most wanted list.

But she left that life behind. She promised.

Thank goodness my sexy bestie, agent Malware Tanaka, is helping me find her so I can prove she’s innocent. Well, he wants to arrest her. I need all the support I can get because proving Mom’s innocence just became a crusade against a dastardly fae’s catastrophic scheme to cover the world in fire and ash.

Suddenly, broken promises aren’t that important anymore.

Who knew becoming a human sacrifice could put things into such a clear perspective?

Genie on Fire (Smoke & Magic #3)

What do you do when your own survival hinges on destruction?

It all started with a fire—and this time it wasn’t my fault. Technically. But you know how it goes. A psychotic djinni mistakes me for his long-lost twin, burns down the neighborhood, and suddenly I’m the bad guy.

I swear I only wanted to help. My boyfriend Malware had a solid plan. Nothing was supposed to go this wrong. Now the curse plaguing that crazed fire djinni has me in its clutches, and time is a luxury I don’t have. I’m transforming into something I don’t recognize, and everything—everyone—I touch is consumed by flame.

To escape the inferno, I must embrace the firestorm. And by the time it’s done, there might not be enough of me left to save.

Rock & Roll Genie (Smoke & Magic #4)

I always expected to be the one who accidentally joined a music cult.

But there’s Malware, rocking the stage like he was born for this, strung out on unbottled lightning while performing in a fae-backed musical competition intent on waking the nine muses.

The winners advance to the next round. The losers? Well, the body count around here is giving death metal a whole new meaning. Djinni bottles are supposed to be unbreakable, but broken fragments are popping up everywhere, and now Mal’s has an ominous crack.

And when your boyfriend asks you to solve his murder, there’s only one response—drink the zealot juice and hold on tight. Because if I fail, if I lose myself to the music, then we’ll find out exactly what happens to djinni when our bottles break.

His might be first, but mine won’t be far behind.

The Genie Swap (Smoke & Magic #5)

I thought a shattered djinni bottle was the worst of our problems.

A fae has kidnapped Mal’s niece and demands an exchange equal to her life. No biggie, I’ve been there done that. Sort of. Except… I swapped my powers with Malware Tanaka.

Look, I was under stress! His bottle is broken, his niece lost to the wood, and his mother was watching. But what’s done is done, and now we’re sharing a bottle while we race around the world collecting artifacts to rescue Mal’s niece. I think my bottle likes him better.

I may be the Fae Bureau of Investigation’s newest agent, but with a precious human’s life on the line, I don’t know which side of the law I’ll fall on. If we can save her before she’s trapped in the Faelands forever, will it be worth the cost?

Curse-Dealing Genie (Smoke & Magic #6)

I’m done playing nice with the fae.

The new director of the Fae Bureau of Investigation carries a long vendetta against my family, and he’ll begin his revenge by gouging out my third eye and reshaping it for a new, horrifying purpose.

As if that weren’t enough, two newly awakened ancients are locked in an ages-old conflict, each vying to regain their entire power—and end civilization as we know it.

I’m tired of being tricked and abused by the fae. I’m over them threatening the people I love to get what they want.

Unfortunately for all these self-involved fae-holes, this time they’ll have to do it over my dead curse-dealing body.

Unfortunately for me, they’re perfectly willing to do so.

Smoke & Magic Prequels

Before Lucy and Malware, there were Penny and Frankie. Find out how Lucy’s legendary parents coped with the stress of their cursed child in these action-packed short stories, exclusive to newsletter subscribers! Don’t worry, AE takes your privacy seriously, and you can opt out at any time. You can read her full Privacy Policy for more details.

Borrowed Luck (Prequel to Smoke & Magic #1)

A cursed child. A mother’s loyalty. What choice will she make?

Penny Avalon’s daughter is curse-born. If something isn’t done soon, the fae will take her for their malevolent schemes. When a sketchy djinni offers a cure in exchange for a treacherous heist, Penny leaps at the chance.

Yet when she recovers the charm, the price to turn it over may be too high to pay. What’s worth more: a cure for her daughter, or the freedom of enslaved djinnis?

Will this desperate mother betray her own kind to save her daughter, or will she lose a chance for a cure forever?

Risky Luck (Prequel to Smoke & Magic #2)

It’s all fun and games until someone gets cursed.

The job is supposed to be simple: infiltrate the charity auction and win the lot containing the memory-stealing charm before it falls into unwary human hands. It’s a gamble, but she has a luck djinni on her side.

Yet when Penny’s curse-born daughter lashes out, her good fortune begins slipping through her fingers.

Now all bets are off. The charm is in the wild, the agency’s hag is on her trail, and Penny has three days to get rid of her curse, recover the charm, and keep her daughter’s existence a secret—or lose her forever. She has one final play up her sleeve and Penny never chokes.

Will this life-or-death wager pay out, or has she finally gone bust?