Writing Compromises

I have been working on the outline for the sequel to Bad Luck Genie for quite some time. A few of my biggest hurdles was the severe case of impostor syndrome, my third act blew, and I just wasn’t overall happy with the resolution to the ending.

Eventually, I overcame 90% of those hurdles with brainstorming sessions, author friends who refused to cosign to my bullshit, and mind maps that helped shake connecting plot points loose. I still have that lingering sense of being an impostor, but apparently that’s normal.

Anyway, while doing the mind maps, sharks kept popping up as an obstacle. Unexpected, right? Not only did it feel pretty Dr. Evil-y, even if they don’t have laser beams attached to their heads, my characters aren’t going to be that involved with oceans this time around. But I will be in Central America… and they will be interacting with fresh water…

So I compromised with piranhas.

Who knows if they’ll make it in to the second draft, but apparently my subconscious wants fish with sharp teeth in this book. I’ll see how it goes!

What kind of compromises have you made in your writing?

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