Plot Bunnies

Yesterday the husbandface and I kayaked. The winds were strong enough to create some decent waves for a kayak. We decided to turn into them, otherwise they’d come at us from the side and possibly tip me over. Water sprayed my face, the wind yanked my hat off, and I laughed like a crazed sea captain facing down a hurricane. Okay, it wasn’t as bad as that, but my trunks were soaked and I didn’t lose my hat.

There’s a spot in the northern parts of the lake that is shallow, yet you can still kayak through so long as you’re careful. Since the wind didn’t have the whole lake to make big waves, the water was relatively calm. The husbandface went on, searching for his questionable friends. (Snakes.) I floated at the opening, munched on granola, and allowed my mind to wander.

And I caught a plot bunny.

They always happen when I don’t have any means to write something down. Usually I can at least email myself the thought, but my phone was in a dry bag in the compartment of my kayak, and the husbandface is still looking for snakes. I just kept thinking about that plot bunny. I couldn’t stop. They’re like a moth to a flame, aren’t they?

Needless to say, I forgot about it.

Anyway, two hours later, we’re home, I’m showering off the sunscreen, and the plot bunny hops in front of me again! And it’s even the same one. Taking that as a sign, I just played it on repeat until I could jot the idea down in my plot bunny notebook. Thank goodness it’s relevant to the Smoke & Magic series I’m currently working on.

The “problem” of ideas striking whenever they please became too much that I bought a bunch of 3×5” notebooks and scattered them around the house. One for names, one for ideas in the living room, one next to my bed (the cats always knock the pen off to some unknown interdimensional of missing socks and hair ties.), and I keep one in my purse.

Also, apparently a newborn rabbit is called a kitten, so I thought that was purrfect.

What was your most inconvenient time to trap a plot bunny? Did you remember it?

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