Animal Crossing: New Horizons Part I

Let’s be honest—this won’t be the only time I talk about this game.

I’ve never played an animal crossing game before, but something about this game landed on my radar sometime last spring—probably the gardening aspect. Then I was sold when I learned I could pole vault across rivers. Anyway, it released the weekend before my state unofficially issued a stay-at-home order. Lucky me!

There are a lot of things I enjoyed about this game. The puns (but they are repeated. Every. Single. Time.) The butterflies, the museum, and definitely the flowers. But most of all, the designer sucked me in.

Quick history lesson: I used to spend all day mapping out 2D images on grid paper so I could build gigantic tributes to Nintendo characters in Minecraft with dyed wool.

So yeah! Totally stoked that I can do the same things with clothing on Animal Crossing!

I made an orange cat face, a rocking out avocado, a book worm, a kimono, and best of all… a Rammstein shirt! (I mean, I have tickets to their next concert… er… I did. It has not been rescheduled yet. How many times have I lost out of seeing them live? Two and counting!)

Anyway, I tossed these items up in the tailor shop to be on display. Little did I know my villagers would randomly wear them.

This chickadee is too happy to be wearing it
It gives Marina the sweetest of dreams, blurp!
I’m certain Cyrano’s favorite album is Reise, Reise
Twinsies, bucko!

Every time I see one of them wearing it, I have to take a screenshot.

Are you playing this game? What’s your favorite part?

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