Last of Us Part II

I watched the husband play through this. He finished it yesterday. The infected are just as creepy, and as usual, it’s the humans who are the real problem in the game.

The story was good, but it didn’t evoke the same level of feels as the first. Maybe it was too scattered, maybe I’m not into revenge stories. (Maybe I was working and only paying attention between chapters.) It won’t stop me from playing it after I give it time for some of the story beats to fade.

I also want to take a moment to point out how awesome Laura Bailey is. Her range surprises me, and I can never pick her out in a game like I can other voice actors. She’s Nadine Ross in Uncharted, Tohru in Fruits Basket English dub, Jana Proudmoore in WoW. You hear her in Dragon Ball, Spider-Man, Lego games, and those aren’t even a drop in the bucket. When the dubbed version of Fruits Basket was delayed, I waited because Laura Bailey is my Tohru. (Now I’m waiting to binge the whole season in a weekend.) Now I always read the credits to see if she snuck in my game like a ninja.

Oops, I kinda went off track there….

There aren’t a lot of video games I’m looking forward to this summer. There’s a new update for Animal Crossing next week, which I’ll probably play for a few days. There’s a chance a remastered Kingdoms of Amalur (Laura Bailey was Gwyn Amwy in this!) will be out in August, so I’ll totally get on board with that. But it looks like fall and winter will be my time to really play video games. Fingers crossed Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t get delayed again!

What games are you playing or looking forward to?

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