When did summer arrive?

Why hello, Memorial Day. You snuck up on me without warning.

This is the weekend for our first voyage on the lake with our kayaks. The water isn’t frigid, the weather is warm, and spirits are high. It’s a shame we’re having a bunch of thunderstorms.

But the thing is, we haven’t readied our vehicle for summer. The J hooks for the kayaks are still in the basement, and we haven’t hosed down our ‘yaks. Though the husbandface removed the beginnings of a wasp nest from mine. Yikes!

So what do you do when you can’t race your husbandface on the lake? You take your cat for a walk around the yard.

This is Oscar Mayer Wiener. He loves short walks on the grass, rolling on the patio, and hunting chipmunks. (He’s never caught one.) We’ve started taking him on walks about five years ago, but we’ve never been able to get him to venture past the neighbor’s driveway. We’re considering a stroller, and we laugh every time we say that.

Also, look at my irises! I did not have nearly this many blooms last year. Last night while eating dinner on our tiny deck, we saw a swallow hop into the birdhouse, so that was a treat.

Hopefully things will start looking up for our summer ‘yakking activities. What are you looking forward to this summer?

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