Current Projects

I’m an urban and epic fantasy author. I write tales encompassing funny main characters tossed into impossible situations, or steadfast warrior women dealing with reluctant princes and scheming sorceresses. I’m not afraid to swing an axe or sling a pun.

Bad Luck Genie

Bad Luck Genie is the first of my urban fantasy series. I was inspired by needing something fun to read and thought, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the heroine’s magic was powered by sarcasm and bad luck?” I wrote this novel during April’s 2019 Camp NaNoWriMo and had so much fun, I set everything else aside and focused on it. This is light and fast-paced with minimal gore. Right now, I’ve done everything I can do up to this point. I’m in queue with a cover artist.

The Trilogy of Senobia

The Trilogy of Senobia is my epic fantasy series which explores the themes of can destined love be destroyed, will working together really solve all problems, and if I smash this hard enough will it break? This is heavy, slow burning, with guts and blood. Currently, the first two books are in beta reading stage, and book 3 is in the “Stop acting like that, Zarek” stage.